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Zulk RS

So... What do you think of Prodoomer?

What's your opinion on Prodoomer?  

14 members have voted

  1. 1. What's your opinion on Prodoomer?

    • It's good and I like it
    • It's shit and I hate it
    • It's meh and I played through it.
    • I haven't played it.

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I wanted to like it but between the bullshit recoil for the weapons, the more bullshit platforming levels (I'm especially looking at you, Lava Moss and Rooftops), the confusing-as-fuck progression in later levels (the wall-jumping mechanic you get later on is very disorienting), and ultra-bullshit boss battles, I couldn't stand it and can't recommend it. I'm hoping he'll update it to address those issues.

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I pretty much share your opinion.
On top of that, I'd like to add that in many places the texture use seemed kinda...bland?

But I can't really bring myself to hate it. The sheer amount of effort that went into it and the way the author tried varying ideas kept me playing.

It's okay I guess.

And the Mad Space Map despite it's many many many problems and countless irritating moments, is my favorite map from it. Something about how much work he put into it and how both the visuals and the music were really pleasing made me want to play it more.

The low gravity gimmick was really really fun. I would have liked it if he didn't add the tight platforming to the mix.
Doom + Low gravity + Tight platforming = Lots and lots of frustration.

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