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Jdoom Multiplayer Using ipx emulation

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I have been playing Jdoom on Kali now for a little while, using add game, Custom game, and setting it up using UDP support. Only certain servers on Kali fully support ipx emulation between peers on the server. Thank God <-idgames-> server does. It is #147. Since so far Kali has been free lately, and if you really want to play Jdoom quickly, it offers a solution. Basically people just drop from chat staying connected to the game server, and run jdoom using ipx protocol. No addresses to type in and seems to work seamlessly for those using a lan connected to the internet. Tip: Use "special NAT handling" in advanced setup for those with a router acting as a gateway to the internet.

Gherkin: I saw you in a room called "discussing ipx emulation" the other day. It could only be a good thing if you add it to Doom Connector. Native Doom ipxsetup users (most use DM) would praise it. Me included.

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WTF? I thought Kali was dead. I have it but I never use it for anything because there's hardly ever anyone in the games I play, and I've never seen anyone playing any form of Doom.

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