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Any sprites artist around here ?

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I wonder if there is sprites artist around here. I would like create original doom style monster from scratch, I have couple of ideas, But I am not an artist :) I can create the decorate, I juste need the sprite with animations angles.

Its for my personnal use but I will share it to everyone once my project is finished.

And I can pay :) we just need to be agreed on the price. But only after the job is done for 1 monster.

Anyone interested ? :)

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Just use the Freedoom monsters!

Oh, I only know of CWolf and raymoohawk. You could check out the Spriting Carnival thread at the Zdoom forums though.

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Thanks :)

The Cyber Spectre by neoworm in the zdoom thread look nice, do you know where I can get him or the others in that thread ?

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Which page did you see this Cyber Spectre?
There's over 1700 pages.

And who exactly are you looking for, CWolf and raymoohawk or neoworm?

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