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Help me make a destroyable fireball in DEH

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Hi Doomworld,

Here's the story. I want to practice my DEH skills, so I've made a "SUPER-IMP" patch. So, the Imp fires its fireballs like the Mancubus. That part worked OK.

However, I also wanted to make them destroyable. You know, you can shoot at fireballs until they die.

I've already done that, but with regular Imp fireballs, by unchecking "visible & untouchable" bit and checking "shootable".

But, when I did that with the new fireball, which replaces the Mancubus one, the Imp just couldn't fire. Instead of fireballs, he could only shoot those small red clouds that appear when a fireball hits something.

I hope I'm not too hard to understand!

Here are the patches. 2 KB size, please run with Ultimate Doom IWAD.

(this is the WORKING patch, without destructable fireballs)

(this is the one WITH destructable fireballs, but they don't work.)

Thanks in advance folks!

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My guess is that technically he spawns the fireballs inside of himself. Then a check is performed and since Doom sees that a fireball just hit something, it explodes on spawn. I'm not sure if there is a workaround. Maybe if you lower the imp's radius...

Btw it worked with imp fireballs because there is an exception for them. A monster can't hit himself with his own missiles, they will just go through. You bypassed that by giving him a different kind of missiles and here is the result.

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Just a thought off of the top of my head; could you replace and tweak the Lost Soul as a fireball and have the Imp shoot it? You would have the problem of it losing momentum as well as figuring out a way for it to die when it hits a wall. There might be some way to get around those issues though.

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You're trying to shoot shootable mancubus fireballs. You shoot mancubus fireballs with a function that shoots two projectiles at once. Shootable mancubus fireballs tend to shoot each other when they're spawned at the same time.

At least that's what it seems like what's going on. (EDIT: Yeah, removed all the changes made to the imp, and moved the new projectile over to the original imp fireball slot. They fired their shots just fine though of course there were some issues like the projectile dying twice, falling on death and bleeding (fixed with MF_NOBLOOD). I am not sure if the other ones can be fixed elegantly)

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