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Dusk - Hexen + Quake + Doom

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5 hours ago, jamondemarnatural said:

As a pistol start fan for some gamewads in Doom, the game balanced for that feel so great to me, like.  I can try to get the levels as individuals or colective of weapons for the long run, and still be fun or fair with that.

Waiting with high hype EP 3. Looks very quake-ish <3


I agree, I just tried playing "intruder" mode a week ago, even after having the game for a year now. It's fun playing through it normally, amassing an arsenal as you go, but it seemed like the game ended up being too easy because you amassed full ammo for your powerful guns and ended up using your shotgun shells and rifle ammo most of the time. On intruder you have to use everything at your disposal. Including throwing rocks, saw blades, burning chairs, and soap at the enemies. Don't underestimate the soap.


And it was neat when I mentioned that on their steam forums, I got the response that it was balanced for that mode. Reminds me of Doom and Quake, where you can get anything you need to complete the level in the levels. Just remember that it carries your health over. So if you leave a level with 16 health, like I did, the next level can be a bitch. I assumed it reset you to 100, but nope.

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@Jello U can always use the select level menu (that reminds me of the intermision one of Doom1) and go back with only sickels with 100 hp

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56 minutes ago, jamondemarnatural said:

@Jello U can always use the select level menu (that reminds me of the intermision one of Doom1) and go back with only sickels with 100 hp

That is an option, but it negates some of the personal challenge. It was kind of fun getting myself out of that situation, even if I died four or five times trying it. After it was said and done, I was much better at throwing rocks at enemies and dodging for cover while looking for health items.

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MILD SPOILERS FOR EPISODE THREE BELOW; I don't talk about specifics or anything like that but if you want to be completely surprised you might want to skip it. Short version: it's freaking amazing.



After finishing the third episode of Dusk I'm tempted to say that this is one of the best final episodes I've seen. First of all, it's a set of really diverse levels built around an interesting theme. This is probably the highest quality of maps in the entire game full of cool sequences and surprises. About halfway through the episode turns into a buildup leading up to the finale which is something you don't really see in classic shooters where you basically just go through a bunch of levels to meet the final boss at the end. In Dusk it feels like you're actually getting closer to the end, mystery unravels and there's a lot of stuff happening in the last stretch. This is not a game that will leave you disappointed with its epilogue.

There are a bunch of neat things that I won't spoil but it's interesting that from the gameplay perspective E3 prioritizes different weapons at the start. Instead of your usual pistol/shotgun/machinegun setup you'll be using the sword and crossbow a lot which makes it feel very different, especially if you've been neglecting those weapons in previous episodes.

And E3 also has the best secret level entrance ever. Don't miss it.



All in all, really cool game. No real filler, no siginificanlty weaker points. It's diverse and fun. Consistently ridiculous and oldschool. Clearly the authors had a lot of fun making it and it shows. Will continue playing it. Good job.

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