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Physical Doom Collection

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I'm curious to see your physical DooM collection by taking a photo with your camera or phone & posting it here.

It doesn't matter on what systems you own them, if they are base games or expansions, old or new...

Go ahead & show off your physical DooM collection.


If you can't take a photo & upload it here, then just name the physical ones but photos are recommended.

Here's mine. Small but I plan to expand it.

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Not Pictured: DOOM 3 BFG Edition for XBOX 360 (Forgot to put it in there)

To be added to Collection: DOOM and Final DOOM for PS1, DOOM for SNES, DOOM (2016) for PS4 and PC

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scifista42 said:

^ Never heard of The Lost Episodes of Doom before, thanks for making me know it exists.

I had first heard about it from The Page of Doom, I was like wow a whole new Doom game! So I found a copy on Amazon sometime in 2007. I never did get around to playing it though, I haven't really had access to a floppy drive in the past 9 years, so I had no way of getting it off the disk to play.

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Well, why not. Here's my collection as of March of this year.



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This is roughly 50-60% of my collection.  Very old pic at this point, I haven't had the space nor the time to get my entire collection out and try to get 1 pic of it.







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Holy crap! Those are impressive collections (especially Fraggle's and Dusty's).


I have pretty much all the games (and the shitty DooM movie), but no merchandise. As much as I love the games id has released, I am loth to shell out money for additional goodies.


I do have the Lost Episodes book and game (the game was quite fun for the time it was released), bought for the princely sum of US$10. The book is very well-produced, sprinkled with illustrations throughout, but is essentially a glorified walk-through of the game. No chance of this becoming a collector's item.

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Here is my current collection

  • Playstation demo disc with the one level demo
  • Doom 2
  • Hexen 95
  • Knee Deep in the Dead shareware disc
  • Towers of Darkness
  • Hexen Deathkings with manual
  • Doom 3 for Xbox promo copy
  • Doom 3 Collectors Editions for Xbox


  • Heretic strategy guide and shareware disc
  • Digital Warfare book with disc (maps and editors)
  • Doom novel
  • Doom 3 for Xbox
  • Hexen
  • Chex Quest
  • Doom move Blu-ray/DVD
  • Doom move HD-DVD


  • Hexen for Sega Saturn 'silver' (promo copy)
  • Hexen for playstation NTSC (x2) 
  • 'Hardcore 3D Games' shareware disc
  • Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil for xbox
  • Doom for playstation PAL
  • Doom One Level Demo for playstation
  • Doom for playstation NTSC
  • The Ultimate Add On Collection for Doom (shovelware)
  • Heretic
  • Demon Gate (shovelware)
  • Doom for playstation PAL Platinum version


  • Doom for Sega Saturn PAL and NTSC
  • Hexen for Sega Saturn PAL and NTSC
  • Doom Collectors Edition (PC)
  • Strife (with map)
  • Hexen for the Macintosh
  • Hexen Death Kings for Macintosh
  • Ultimate Doom for Macintosh


  • Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil (PC)
  • Final Doom PC and Macintosh
  • Doom for Tapwave Zodiac
  • Master Levels for Doom 2
  • Doom 64
  • Hexen 64
  • Doom for Pocket PC
  • Doom for SNES PAL


  • Doom 3 for PC manual (not sure where the discs are)
  • Doom for Sega 32x NTSC
  • 2x Doom 2 on floppies plus manual
  • Doom 3 BFG Edition for Xbox 360
  • Two sets of the Doom 2016 collector cards
  • Doom 2016


Every now and then I end up buying something else from ebay :)







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