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Doom 64 EX: Fusion of Realities [WIP]

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Hello, community! Today I will not show you some crazy mods like "DooD". Sorry, if you're expected something DooD-like. But I can't say that this project is not insane. It still crazy. So, let me present Doom 64 [EX]: Fusion of Realities.

The idea of this mod came a really long time ago when I've tried to play "Console Doom 64 TC". The first map was a mix of Doom E1M1 and Doom 2 Map01 maps. I found this idea interesting. In the end of 2015 when I started to thinking about Doom 64 modding I've decided to do all other map mixes. I mean, E1M2+Map02, E1M3+Map03, etc... I want to do only the first Doom episode (Knee-Deep in the Dead) so that means that FoR will take only 9 (E1M2-E1M10) or 10 (E1M2-E1M10 + recreated E1M1).

At 17.09.2016 there are only 2 finished maps which you can playtest by yourself. This mod will use a custom soundtrack but uploaded file uses only original Doom 64 music because I have problems with running new midis in Doom 64 EX. Any comments will be appreciated!

Map 01:




Download v0.2

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I very much enjoyed the E1M2 remake/remix level. Hope to see more Doom 64 EX maps from you in the future.

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Jimp Argon said:

I very much enjoyed the E1M2 remake/remix level. Hope to see more Doom 64 EX maps from you in the future.

Thank you!

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enemiesofthepeople said:

Always good to see more D64 Ex levels.

Registered just to make one post

I'm really appreciate your comment, thanks!

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Darklordrobert said:

Whoa, the music in map 2 is a Doom 64 style remix of Dark Halls, Cool!
The Doom 1/2 level fusions are cool too. I'll be keeping an eye on this Wad!!

Thank you, glad you liked it!

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CyberDemonEmpress said:

I love it so far, it's a very fun and unique concept. And I am grateful someone is working on new Doom 64 EX content. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Thank you too!

New map:

Download: ---

Also fixed minor bugs on previous maps.

New version of this mod and new map so far:

The Secret Map aka E1M9 + Map 09.

Download: https://yadi.sk/d/kapNK_Npwn3nv

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Thank you very much, folks! I almost thought to abandon this project.

Well, I'll do my best to finish this mappack.

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I love how faithful you are when you mix and match sections of formerly different maps. Very nice idea to begin with, along with top notch execution, from my point of view. I find your creative energy admirable. <3

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38 minutes ago, taufan99 said:

Looks great! Shame the preview videos are too dark to me, even for DOOM 64 EX.

Thank you! Those videos are too dark for EVERYONE because I didn't knew how to fix the render settings specially for Youtube.

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A little update.


I've started this project earlier than Brutal Doom 64 was even announced. Still, my project is still not finished. I was planning to release "classic" (for 64EX) version of this mod on 31 of March (yay, Anniversary!), but it was not finished.


At now I'm planning to release 2 versions of this mod. Both at the same time. "Vanilla version" for EX and "Director's Cut version" based on BD64 with bonus 1 level and improved visuals.


The bonus level is E1M1 mixed with Map01. This map doesn't exist in EX version because this map already exist in "CDoom64.wad". Even more, I've decided to create other map mixes due to this mod. But now I'll add this map into Director's Cut version with few improvements:





























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I didn't know you were doing this DeXiaZ! You're truly doing a great service! It might work well with Doom 64: Retribution too. The project seems to import bonus maps directly into the mod which makes it easy for us to find and play.

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