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SP map - Hellbound (by DoomPhreak) - ID: 4978L4BJ

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My latest map is called "Hellbound (by DoomPhreak)" (ID: 4978L4BJ), where you play a UAC marine exploring the mysteries of Hell. The trademark of this map is the unique way of demon spawning and respawning throughout, which is unpredictable and may be quite challenging to fight against.

There are also some puzzle situations such as these:

I bring back the invisible staircase which I used in my earlier map:

More screenshots:

This is my FOURTH map. My first is called "The Beginning of the End" and it's not that good. My second is "The End is Nigh" where you go up a 5-floor building and fight on every floor. "Descent" is the reverse where you go down a building and look for audio clues and other secrets.

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