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so I made a custom PLAYPAL

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because I figured emerald green and ocean blue (well, sorta) would look good in Doom

Some screenshots:



Oh, I got the greeeeeeens, I got the greens real baaaaaad...

Download here. Comments, criticism, suggestions, etc. are appreciated.

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Nice to have you back from your self-imposed timeout!

Must be my phone, but I'm having difficulty seeing the difference between shots 1 and 2. I assume it's either slight or I'm just blind, probably the latter I'm sure.

Still, nice of you to rejoin the rest of us :)

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Fonze said:

I'm having difficulty seeing the difference between shots 1 and 2.

All blue color from the first shot is replaced by a half-blue-half-cyan color in the second shot.

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Yes, I'm looking at the blue, more specifically the carpet. Perhaps it is this tiny screen or the brightness outside here... \shrug

Still, I typically like to see that light-blue/cyan -style of color in wads and I always love a vibrant green, so I'll definitely have to check this out when I get home.

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I personally like pure blue more than either cyan-ish blue or pure cyan, and when I had tried making custom palettes myself, I've tried all I could to keep pure blue in there even after adding cyan or other new colors, so that already existing purely blue textures + flats + sprites could stay purely blue, while custom cyan textures became possible - nothing against your work, HavoX, it's good, I've just said what came to my mind after Fonze's last post.

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Thanks for the feedback! I noticed all of the cool kids were making custom PLAYPALs recently, so I figured, why not blend in with the crowd? ;)

scifista42 - no offense taken.

I forgot to mention, you are free to use and modify it to suit your needs. Just mention me if you use it in your project, okay?

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