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Angry Saint

Standalone mapset?

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I would like to discuss with you a little bit about creating a stand alone mapset using a doom source port. This is something that has been discussed on the forum but I still have some questions regarding it.

I would like to create a stand alone mapset because I have create, with another writer, a Shared Universe where to set ours short stories, and I would like to have a videogame set in it, just for fun.

Just to clarify, I am not interested in a commercial game, just something people who read our tales can download and play on the spot. A package with the engine and mapset, just to double click and start, easy for people not used to pwads, source port, development builds and so on.

(And to have some cool stuff to show other writers, just to get them envying, because they have no videogame realized from their stories)

So I think the first thing I need is: a port to run everything, and the resources, like textures, sprites, sounds, music and all the other lumps in the wad file.

For non-commercial game, I think I can use whatever port I prefer. I hope so because I would like to use GZDoom for my project.

Regarding resources, for sure I cannot use resources taken from copyrighted games like Doom, Heretic and so on. It is not a problem if I put a cacodemon in a pwad for Heretic, because I still need the original game to play it. But it is not good to steal resources from games.

Generally, I cannot use resources copyrighted. Or at least, I have to ask the permission.

I cannot use resources based on the copyrighted resources. So for example I cannot use the Afrit from Realm667 site because it is based on the Baron of Hell © id Software. But I can use the Azazel from the same site, because its sprites are original (I think the sounds are not, anyway, so I should look for new ones).

I’m unsure if I have to ask permission to the authors of the sprites to use its resource in the standalone mapset or not. Any idea?

Otherwise I can just use resources from Freedoom, Blasphemer and Zauberer (but I’m not very sure regarding the last two, even if I contributed with a map to both of them).

The other solution is to have resources created for my project. For me it would be a difficult path, because I am not able to create such resources and it would be too difficult to gather a team for this – I just see how difficult it is to have resource created for the three above mentioned open source projects.

The only thing I have not discussed here are the levels. I would make them by myself, because I have clear ideas on the setting of the Shared Universe.

This is more or less how I see it. If there is something that I got wrong, please correct me. If you have your opinions or ideas, let’s share it.

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