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I made a short little wad for Doom 1

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Hey, first time posting here so sorry if I'm doing anything wrong.

I was making a wad for a contest (Vinesauce), but did some things wrong and couldn't actually send it in. Didn't want to just throw it in the trash, so I decided to upload it and show it to you guys. Nothing spectacular, 1 episode, some new sprites, sounds and music, but I think it's fun. It works in zDoom and I also tested it in Zanondrum, but there are a few bugs there so you should play it in zDoom. Jumping/crouching is not allowed, but mouselook is recommended.

Some screenshots, I hope this works right:

And of course, the download link:

I hope you like it and would be happy about feedback, even if you think the levels are bad, I mean I didn't do anything like this before.

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Is this your first map, right?
Sure have lots of newbie-ism and the spriting of some guns wasn't expectional for me, but the only fact that you made an entire episode in the short span of time (especially e1m6) given from Vinesauce, this is a solid effort!

It have some potential, i must say it! Good job!

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I really do love this. It feels like there was a ton of effort put into these levels; I know I could play another 30 levels like this. Shit, I bet I could play another hundred levels like this. Even though I didn't get destroyed trying to finish them, something about the feeling of how I just glide in and out of the goofy architecture, the off-source weapon sprites and the fun atmosphere really made me love this. I know the author will probably never read this but damn I had a blast playing these levels. Shit like this is what still makes me smile after all these years.

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