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Jaxxoon R

Hellzone Prophecy

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Hi Jaxxoon,

I enjoyed your map very much. I loved the opening with all the custom architecture. I know its not something that is in your hands but I would limit the monsters you place in such environments. Essentially all monsters get stuck on a single element.

I felt this worked ok for the few imps you used at the start that you placed higher up so they threw fireballs at you. The zombies were quite immersion breaking because they just did not move. The revenant, while it did fire at me, was also acting weird. If you use custom architecture in the way you did (without a true floor allowing the monsters to navigate properly) maybe just use it for atmosphere and not so much for actual fighting. Atmosphere wise I thought it was awesome. :)

Overall I enjoyed your map although I have to admit that I found the fight in the "middle" with the bridge over the bloodpool quite hard. If you die once at the bottom floor you are done for because the respawn is also down there. This means that when you respawn you are almost immediately locked in place and you die again. Maybe move the respawn point out of the blood pit and onto the bridge? And perhaps (just maybe) tone down the difficulty in that room a little bit.

Overall I really enjoyed it though. Thanks :)

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