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NME E1M1 Molten Infestation 2X2EPBZY

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Hi all,

I've created a new SnapMap, NME E1M1 Molten Infestation, 2X2EPBZY (which took over 20 hours to create, although some of that was getting to grips with the map editor). Gameplay is intended to be in the original Doom style, with no lockdowns. You have to defuse the hellish invasion and stop the reactor core from overheating. There are 6 secrets to find. You get infinite lives and checkpoints, but be warned, you lose a stack of points if you die (more so for a self kill than for being killed by a monster).

Some highlights from one of my playthroughs:

In one of the secret areas I had a shot at creating a little room made entirely of Hell props and player blocking volumes. Not on as grand a scale as
watstha's impressive hell rooms, but a start.

I have ideas of making this into a campaign but am not sure how rapidly I will end up progressing on it. SnapMap has great potential but its limitations can be a bit off-putting.


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