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REKKR - V1.16

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This looks awesome, I can't believe I haven't tried it before. Scanning the thread I haven't been able to answer a question I had, what license terms is this distributed under, if any? It would be awesome if the standalone version of this was licensed under something like creative commons attribution share-alike so that it could be included in things like Debian

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Posted (edited)

@Jon As far as I'm concerned it's free to share wherever. If it's included in Debian that's okay by me. I don't really know much about licensing. Right now the engine it DL's with as an IWAD is Chocolate Doom, which as far as I can tell from reading it's license, is okay to share so long as it's with the license and all pertinent information regarding acquiring the source etc... Also Chocolate Doom apparently already has a Debian package, so it must be okay. The wad file(s) itself is fine to include with whatever, so long as credit is kept intact. A fair few people worked on it and all.

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I really love this but I wonder: If you aren't supposed to be able to jump why do I constantly see items on ledges or on top of crates etc with no other possible way to get to them? Or am I missing something?

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They must be accessable by another means. You'd have to cite examples for me to be able tell you the means though.

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