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DoomGuy 2016 vs War (Darksiders)

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Started playing Darksiders 1 (AMAZING game) again after years and got to thinking...Could Doomguy 2016 stand a chance against the Red Horsemen? I think Doomguy stands a chance, but War is just such a tank and monster when he's battling demons and angels alike...I think in the video game portrayal of War he is unstoppable..So what do you think??

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War is a Nephilim and one of the Four Horsemen, while Doomguy is still human (or is he?), so I guess War would win.

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That's like putting the Chosen Undead from Dark Souls against Geralt of Rivia. The latter may be much stronger and more skilled by nature, but the former prevails through sheer tenacity and stubbornness.

Also, I doubt War and Doomguy would see much reason to fight each other. If anything, this would be one alliance actually forged from mutual respect, rather than a begrudging truce born out of necessity.

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I kinda get the feeling that if the Demons of Darksiders and War somehow got pulled into the Doom universe, they would all become correspondingly weaker, given how the Demons in Doom can be killed with Human firearms, whereas in the Darksiders universe, bullets are less than gnats or flies to a Demon.

I kinda feel that the rules of the respective universes are the major force to be considered.

Of course, if each character kept their basic attributes and fought without the rules of either universe doing fuck all to the balance, War would probably win, even though he's moving at a snails pace and the Doomguy could run in circles around him, War still has an auto-targeting mechanic that allows his bullets (fired from Mercy) to hit virtually all the time, regardless of how fast Doomguy moves.

And as weak as Mercy's bullets seem in Darksiders, considering the aforementioned "gnat effect" of man-made bullets, they could probably kill Doomguy with a couple shots.

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