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advice on improving a custom pallete?

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i've been trying to make a custom pallete in wich i only change the hues, while keeping the values the same, but i havent had much luck


i kinda like what it does to pinkies and cacos, but not much else. any advice on how to go about this? also are the color maps supossed to be edited by hand? i just pressed generate color map on slade.

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i dont know why the link is not working, but the pallete looks like this

on the green for example i made the hue more blue the darker it got, and more yellow the lighter it got, but kept he same lightness level

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Is this based on Soda's alternate pallete? I'm guessing it is.

Link doesn't work for me either. Change your link to DL only. Something like this:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/(gibberish)/(filename)?dl=(one or zero)

Of course getting that link would mean you have to go to the download page of the file or pressing "share"

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raymoohawk said:

nor is it related to freedoom

Never said that. And could you fix the link when you get the time?

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