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Naked Snake

In Thy Nightmares (a fanfic based on the project known as Episode 5)

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You woke up in the middle of the night for the third time this week, your body dripping with sweat as you gasp for air. Terror grips your chest as you stare into the darkness of your room, the dark, something children are afraid of...until they grow up, go to Phobos and face demons from Hell in it, then they relive their fears they had as a child. Monsters under the bed, in the closet, in the dark, in the toilet. You wipe the sweat from your face as you get up. You need to go use the bathroom. "Damn bladder," you think. As you approach the door you hear a growl and your eyes become wide with sheer horror as you see the Demon charging down the hallway. You instinctively grab the double barrel shotgun siting next to the door. You raise the weapon and fire as the beast races for you but as you fire the demon simply disappears. You are having hallucinations now...this brings you close to tears. "I'm going insane!". If only you had not busted that Sargeant up, you wouldn't have faced the Hellspawn...well...maybe when they reached Earth but you wouldn't have been as prepared if that was the case. You remeber it all as if it were yesterday...

"Alright troops, assemble line at the rock stack!" The Sargeant barked, his hair was short, black and wet from the rain falling down. You fell into line as ordered, thinking it was simple "look, tell me what you see" but his next order shocked you to the core. "Marines, TAKE AIM!" he shouted, and as he finished every man and woman had their weapons trained on the marketplace. You stand up and walk over to the Sargeant, you try to mask your anger but you fail.
"Sir," you start to explain "They're just civies, they're not the terrorists we're after!"
"Son, when ya been in country as long as me, ya learn a thing 'er two. In this case, it bein' that everyone in this God forsaken Hellhole IS a fuckin' low life dirty sonuvabitch terrorist!" Sargeant Donaldson replied. "Now, if you'll excuse me soldier, we got some fraggin' ta do!". The Sargeant turned his back to you to give the order to fire. Instead, you whirreled him back around, and as he looked at you, his eyes were narrow like the snake he was. You brought the butt end of your rifle to his jaw, breaking it. You then proceeded to beat the man with your rifle until a few men pulled you back and restrained you. Another dickhead Sargeant came up and asked the Sarge if the order was to fire. Since the man couldn't speak he simply held his thumb up. The crack of gunfire rang loud, but you were to far away to hear the screams of the dying...

A few days later you were shipped to the U.A.C. refineries on Mars. Patrolling dark hallways and standing in front of locked doors all day became your new job. For a few months everything was quiet, until one day the loudspeaker announced "ALERT ALERT, ALL TROOPS GET ABOARD SHUTTLE AND SUIT UP, YOU'RE ALL GOIN' TO PHOBOS AND DEAL WITH A SITUATION!". You quickly suited up and ran to the shuttle, wondering what the Hell was going on...

"Troops, listen up!" Corporal Steiner said loudly "We got a situation. As of 2 hours ago, the Phobos facilities have been sending out weak signals that could not reach our base. A passing craft intercepted the message and relayed it to us. We will now play it for you!" he said, then clicked a button on the desk.


"As you can tell" the Corporal continued "We have no data on the situation at hand other than these men and women are in a bad spot and we're gonna go help 'em!"

5 hours later the shuttle landed just outside the Hanger of the Phobos U.A.C. base. You were ordered to stay behind as a last resort. The Corporal said "Sadly, we ain't got ourselves enough guns to give you a tougher weapon other than this here .38 Caliber Revolver. Sorry son.". He seemed truly sad. You turned on the radio, listening to the chatter when all of a sudden, all Hell broke lose and there was gunfire, screaming, cracking, explosions, then ultimately...silence. You then rushed to the cockpit and fucked around with the controls but they were non-responsive. You finally decided "If I'm gonna go out, I'm takin' a few of the motherfuckers with me!". You ran to the door of the hanger, opening it and stepping inside, gun ready...

All these memories flashed by in mere seconds. You were still standing there with the DBS and sweating like a roasted hog. You decided to go back to bed, which you felt was a good idea.

Drifting into your nightmares you remeber that you control your dreams, and that if you're gonna dream about fighting monsters, then you can always win...In Thy NIGHTMARES!

I was bored and was thinking about E5 so I decided to write this. Hope you liked it!

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It was so-so. Some good things and a few bad things.
I wasn't too happy about the SOS message giving away that there were monsters on the base, despite the fact that the reader knows about this beforehand.

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What happened to the Episode 5 project, anyway? I had a cool idea for a level for it, but I think I'm gonna end up using that idea in my E3 level for Freedoom.

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