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Post your Doom textures!

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10 hours ago, EffinghamHuffnagel said:

How about something like this?


Blends in a lil too much- however that could make it a candidate for a hidden switch! Perhaps if it was nestled in with the other skulls a bit more so it doesn't just look "pasted on"!

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compthing.png unknown.png rftghjyu.png ertyhu.png

Some random shit


unknown.png rtyhui.png

Cobbled some unused red tech stuff from the old files too and made an alternate tech wall instead of recoloured blue!

Edited by Fuzzball

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Most of the textures can be chopped in half, if it bothers you :)


I wasn't happy with my first couple of attempts at vertical textures last night:






I had another go this morning, and came up with these:



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Great thread, I've nabbed a bunch from here for my wad (with notes on who to credit of course). Here are some meagre contributions. Sorry, they're small as they're intended to be patches not textures:











And a computer edit to make it 64x64:




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Really liking that brown texture at the top of your last post Nightmare. I may have to use that.. Oh and the tech green one is cool too.


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Oh I love that last TEK one! :D I did something similar a few years ago for the brown wall stuff, always fun to mash up textures!

datbrown.PNG datgrreeen.PNG

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Get some shadowing on there- at least on the tech stuff~ The COMP one is the one that makes sense- but they just look a little "flat" without any kind of shadow!

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10 hours ago, EffinghamHuffnagel said:

Edit: Here's couple of things from TNTR.



Some darker versions I wasn't as thrilled with. And the plain background I had to re-create. It's not BRWNTILE, just similar. PITA.

qs72FZn.png Nn0uDql.png


I never like the original DOBWIRE from TNT. The first graphic below is the DOBWIRE from TNTR. The second is the broken version I made a couple of years ago. The third is the back side of the first. Not just a mirror image. I edited the pole and the barbed wire so they're on the proper opposite sides of where they are in the first graphic. The fourth is the back side of the second.



This is why i'am a fan of TNT evilution, Good job!

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It's amazing how 'off' that last texture feels with the dirt streaks being horizontal. I could see it being really useful though! :P

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Here's 3 frames for an animated electricity texture i created, that shows up in chokehold. You'll need to animate them via ANIMDEFS, of course.




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