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Post your Doom textures!

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A few somewhat clean tech wall textures. I don't know if they're good, but there is one thing I know: those were made from scratch on GIMP.



Edit: Made some stone too!


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So ive seen people use this metal texture at a 30°. But not 45... So here!


Probably because its a 128x145 image, not a 128x128. Anywho heres some stuff I made with the 45° and 30° metal beams:



And 128x512 versions below ;)




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Also stone!




(the 2nd and 3rd are not identical textures; the 3nd tex. has dark lines surrounding the slabs when the texture is tiled; the 2nd one does not)




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That looks fab. Is that Neptune in the background? :D


It'd be cool for it to have a dash more color, like say if the mountains were more of a brown or grey-ish hue so they stood out against the blue sky.

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I cannot overstate just how incredibly useful this thread is for mappers like myself who have almost no photoshop skill. You guys are angels.

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