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Post your Doom textures!

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46 minutes ago, LoneAlpha2401 said:

BIGDOOR1 but it's the small DOOR1


You mean DOOR3? :p


This is vanilla patch DOOR2_1, 96x96, which you all know from its starring role in BIGDOOR1 (see edits above):


Now this is vanilla patch DOOR2_5, 64x72, better known by its texture name of DOOR3:


There are some differences, so it's not just the same graphic scanned at two different resolutions and one with a brown logo band added, but they're still very close. I think the metal frame at least is the same (just at two different scales) but with touchups for the lower area, the lock, and obviously the paint.


So what if we invert them?


(I took the extra step of scaling the logo separately so it conserves its aspect ratio, because the rest of the door doesn't.)



Use them in a map to confuse the player.


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On 6/8/2020 at 3:46 AM, plums said:








that's some possessed door  ;)


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i created some flats for a project of mine a while ago


all of these flats are licensed under the CC0 license, meaning they are in the public domain

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16 hours ago, AconyX said:

Thanks @Gez and @ItsNatureToDie. I finally got it now. :)


VARcMrs.png jO2tKi9.png dpW5fYy.png r6r47yU.png


NKnbkwA.png kLD28rV.png pJbRHLH.png 8krSTIe.png




I'm loving all of these doors i keep seeing.

They have a lot of potential, like level based doors for a level HUB.

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i thought i would join the DOOR1 craze with a version of my own, here's a replacement for it i made for a project of mine, this wall texture is 100% in the public domain


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I was messing with using a few of the walls I made the other day and decided to revamp them into more 'textured' versions.


So I took these ones I posted right here and I scuzzifried them up a bit with some scratchiness and bump-map stuffage.






Blowed up to show the texture...




Edited by Doom_Dude

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So I was going through my textures and decided to fix up this ceiling flat to make it more stoned.



Then I made some walls and a pillar.



Screenshot of a quick room I made to show the textures in use.




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Another door for all the door1 fetishists.



door1's brown stucco stuff and marbface had a merger.


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Here's an animated wall I made for a mod of mine, which is a screen that displays the logo of the mod's antagonists, the F.A.F. That's all it does. It's kind of like a fancy banner.


...Yes, I'm aware that their logo resembles an Iron Cross. It was meant to be a fancy crosshair and I'll probably tweak it a bunch soon...


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I've been digging into texturing at the moment and I've come interested in the various common materials that seem to be used when building upon things like GRAY, TEKGREN, STUCCO, COMPBLU, etc

I have taken the opportunity to get a handle of my image editors by creating somewhat original "extensions" of some Doom/Doom 2 textures, as it's fairly common to see patterns repeating from one edit to the next (although I know it matters little to most folks). 
Some of these have been as easy as using a jumbling/noise tool, some are semi-uncreative copy-paste jobs, others like TEKGREN have required some meticulous hands-on editing to recreate the streaks etc, and some are a bit patchy when you look at the whole 256x256. A keen eye will spot some of the original patterns within these, but my goal was to add a bit more variety to the base resource.
I hope these will prove useful to you folks in creating new stuff, no attribution needed toward me as it's basically just legwork.

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I made this for a personal test map and thought I'd share it.

Send me link to your map if you use it. I'd love to see where it ends up.


Edited by Scüm-head

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44 minutes ago, Scüm-head said:


Do you have a version without the rocket launcher, by chance? I'd love to use it somewhere, but the sprite wouldn't match up with the ones I'm using in a mod of mine. I'd edit it out, but I don't want to mess up the details on it.

Edited by CaptainResident

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1 hour ago, CaptainResident said:

Do you have a version without the rocket launcher, by chance? I'd love to use it somewhere, but the sprite wouldn't match up with the ones I'm using in a mod of mine. I'd edit it out, but I don't want to mess up the details on it.

Sure. I'm pretty sure this is the final one I settled on. (I have a bad habit of not properly saving my WIP sprites)


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