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Post your Doom textures!

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On 7/14/2020 at 7:59 PM, Gifty said:

@plums I'm actually really liking that black one, it gets rid of that smooth plasticky look my original had.


It's getting closer! Got my friend who uses Blender for a living to help me out. The grout gaps need to shrink a little, and I need to deform the bricks more so they look more realistically worn. I'm slowly but surely homing in on a good setup.


Really like the look. Took your base and added the standard grout from BIGBRIK2. No smoothing or shading, just wanted to see how it looked. Yours is much more interesting.


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@Gifty It did come out better than I thought it would on the first try. :)


I also wanted to make some Egyptian textures but never did. Probably because I never got around to making an Egyptian themed map.

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7 hours ago, NiGHTMARE said:

Nootrac4571 also made a couple of 256x128 brick vine textures, which have shading around the vines:


I think I probably have the vines on their own with the shadows as semitransparent layers somewhere, I'll see if I can dig them out, might make your life a bit easier.




Found these: I think I made the edges by just painting the original wall texture back over the top, so sadly no nice clean shadowed versions, but I've got clean shadows for the 256x128 tiled vines:






-Edit 2-


Also, I can't remember what textures made it into Demonastery - I remember not all of them found a place to be used - but here are a bunch of vine textures I drew for it:




Edited by Nootrac4571

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Thank you. I more or less managed to get the same thing by adding your vine textures as a layer on top of the original non-vine versions, selecting the "difference" blend mode, removing all pixels that weren't changed, and then pasting the original transparent vine texture on top.


Here's not one but two versions of a shaded GRAYVINE (plus a variant with the green vines). The first version includes blurred edges around the vines, and the second version has the normal, sharper edges. I think I prefer the blurred version myself, as it looks more like the vines are clinging to the wall.





Edited by NiGHTMARE

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3 hours ago, Cell said:

More 'Mandela'!
NUKEMET1.png.54f399d92f3f0e6ea102775a20eb826a.png     METRIP_1.png.ca0051f136d0aa72b8d59b8aa24715d4.pngMETRIP_2.png.5302a8240b7731c004a46d396c2b5881.pngMETRIP_3.png.4764fb62d0ab9345f28fb1bcfc6dc257.png   METRIP.gif.b352b06eb3e6b7aa9ba52b2d5add4c86.gif

Kinda rushed the nukage stain (left side looks sh*tty) might re-do it later.


I like stuff like this because it shows how classic Doom technically has some versatility in its art style that inspires creativity.

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Here's some switches I threw together. Not entirely pleased with them, but they fit the tone I'm going for *shrug*






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Dang, that's some good stuff. I like that shitty metal siding wall actually.

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I made bunch of Shitty Retard Textures (RETARD ALERT)



SKyWEE.png.b914b9a21682b9baa414496e1902734e.png (Originally from Slayer's Rampage)




ERGERG.png.f8d0d6172c5be48bfacf177b6d6fc115.pngAWDAWD.png.a25adbe548139186816171f1e0fcad71.pngFUAISOJ.png.3ec6086a5f7a897fbe42ddb5da711502.pngWLITA0.png.0683427a5fbb090a01a74ffc3b25ca2f.png (Based on UbiLights Quake Texture pack)


SUPPORT2.png.a08b63ff30a5fec2cfaff833f3057f07.png (Fixed SUPPORT2?!)


SW2S0.png.bcab9bfffee246f5ee01ee24c8910873.pngSW2S1.png.9ff4de942b19d1a5817d5d0e30362b62.png (With the Scanlines effect)



CPOSH0.png.337affc6bd43f1fd58dbecc616be1f7b.png (It's a middle Texture, Cuz im lazy)

BRUH.png.c1ff124cfb5b349ea58ca232c828a478.png (With Better Shadows and Recolored Guts)


Edited by HitBoi64

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10 hours ago, elend said:

Dang, that's some good stuff. I like that shitty metal siding wall actually.

My secret is GIMP, indexed mode, a multiply layer, and a low opacity soft light layer :p. "New layer from visible" at the end to convert it back to the doom palette because the overlays do not respect it

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This is a request/challenge! Can someone make a texture of the skin from SKSPINE?


If it wraps with SKSPINE that'd be a great bonus. I just like the look of it.


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Gifty: Man, you're building quite a whacky castle there. Looks nice.

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4 hours ago, NaturalTvventy said:

This is a request/challenge! Can someone make a texture of the skin from SKSPINE?

Challenge accepted!



While preparing that, I was playing with layers, e.g.:

wR5fXEI.png  nl5fGWv.png


...and somehow got something completely different from what I expected.


I think it'd make a cool flat.




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Joining in on the 3D Model Wall Virtual-Photograph to Texture Thing

I'm not that great using 3D software quite yet and I wanted to see what a potentially high quality result may look like.

Decided to do a quick test of the concept by using that Windows 10 3D Viewer program and just loading in one of the stock models they had. 

This isn't a really real texture submission (although if you somehow find it useful go for it) but kind of a proof of concept/exercise. 


The model was pretty cartoony, sort of like something out of WoW.
I think it looks pretty neat otherwise, and there is a lot of potential behind this method, looking forward to doing more serious ones.

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The greenish stones and arched wall theme kinda reminds me of the imperial castle architecture set in Morrowind. Except it has sturdier-looking support columns.


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I decided to do what TNT did and mark my crates with letters HF to represent them being belonging to Hell Frontier project. But I can't make them look decent, no matter what variation I try to use. What's the secret?


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