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Six SnapMaps by GhostGuy

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Just wanted to post the six main SnapMaps I created so far if anyone interesting taking a round for each. They are all single-player maps but as shown in the videos, they can be played in cooperative mode.

1st SnapMap is called "Décor Coop" (EK2WV6BF)

2nd SnapMap is called "Straight Forward Coop" (6FR78WJ5)

3rd SnapMap is called "Outpost 45: Chainsaw Edition" (KPNJKV8T)

4th SnapMap is called "Sagittarius Four" (GNZXYP23)

5th SnapMap is called "Quiet Zone" (BNFUN2JK)

6th SnapMap is called "Stormwatch" (CWZAEUDH)

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