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Looking for alternative Freedoom hud face

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Does anyone have the wad file which contained the alternative bearded hudface for Freedoom?

I think it was called Kulak or Kudak or something like that.

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It was Kulak. Bet no one have it right now.

I had my own pack, but... well I've lost it.

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Just a random thought here, but it would be nice if FreeDM had its own status bar face.
This Kulak face is ok I guess, but it seems I'm in the minority here, since everyone else loved it.

I know about the whole Eric Harris face incident. But really. Kulak was submitted way before that was brought up. And Maz wasn't even really "submitting" the Eric Harris face, rather showing his creation to us, like the many more faces he posted. Kulak was the one he truly submitted to Freedoom.

So, would it be a good idea to include Kulak in FreeDM? It would make FreeDM feel more unique.

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