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"Darkmere" - ID# 8DF8K3P2 *custom architecture*

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I´ve been waiting for this map ever since I saw part of it on youtube! =D


Ok, that was short, kind of disappointing considering how good you architecture is.

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Hehe thanx! It's partially an homage to a HeXen map of the same name, the start area especially. :D

Oh, and subsequent versions of this map will see it last longer, first publish isn't last publish. ;)

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Very nice use of the grid room. You wisely use liquid surfaces so the demons can walk on them and still look natural. You probably know that you can't make solid walking surfaces in the grid room because demons can't walk on props. So using blood as the floor is wise. Of course, some may wonder why all the walking surfaces are liquid, so you may want to distract them with other effects (rising blood level, maybe). Still, I noticed some demons still had trouble navigating around all the custom props you put there. For a small short map, that's ok. For a big long map, you gotta find some ways to deal with that. Seeing demons stuck near props repeatedly can be immersion-breaking. I can't really help you there since I'm struggling with it myself. But I'm all for you to expand this idea into a bigger map whatever your workarounds may be.

I'm making a map with original architecture too, but with the UAC "storage facility" module, which is a huge empty room with an actual floor (albeit UAC-style) that I don't need to cover up, unlike the grid room.

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I plan to expand it by utilizing more traditional modules, both UAC and Hell. I do plan on custom architecture throughout so you can barely recognize them, however - I have the UAC module with the wide chasm that will become for example the Darkmere castle. And I have specific ideas for where I want it to go.

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