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Proper way of loading .WADS

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After a 20 year absence, I just started playing Doom and Doom 2 again. I loved revisiting them, but after playing through each a few times, I wanted the same gameplay in a new setting and I stumbled upon the world of wads. "I'll just play a couple levels" (or maps I guess is the proper term) usually turns into hours of monster slaying.

I've been having a blast, despite Alien Vendetta constantly telling me my time sucks, and accepting that revenants will be used in abundance in most megawads.

I've played Alien Vendetta, Cyberdreams (ruined any chances of having plans that evening), Scythe, Doom The Way Id Did, Pirate Doom, a few whose names escape me, and am currently about halfway through Scythe 2.

After reading about Scythe 2, I've learned that there are supposed to be new enemies. I'm on the 16th map, and all I've seen is the standard Doom 2 bestiary.

I've been leaving the files I download from Doomworld as is as is without unzipping. I just drag the whole .zip over the zdoom icon and it loads the game up. I also realized I can go into the archive and just double-click the .wad file. With both methods it asks me if I want to run it through Doom 2, Heretic, or Hexen, and I click Doom 2.

This has SEEMINGLY been working fine, but now that I've gone through so much of Scythe 2 and not seen something that is supposed to be there, I'm wondering what I've possibly missed from other games as well. (When playing Pirate Doom I could only go to the second map because the colors were all wrong, but I imagine that's an entirely separate issue.)

Does anybody know of a tutorial on the best/proper way of running these wads with zdoom? Or does anyone recognize what it is I'm neglecting/doing wrong?

Any help would be much appreciated. I apologize if this is all simple stuff, but it's new to me.

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The first of the new enemies appears in map 16 of Scythe 2. You haven't missed anything -- dragging over the ZDoom executable (you can do the same with certain other ports, like PRBoom) is the easiest way to load it up, and the way I always do it. Normally I just drag the .wad and .deh files over rather than the whole zip, but I'm pretty sure there's no problem with your method.

EDIT: If you're currently on map 16, that's a great way to know whether it's working. The ONLY enemy in the entire level is the new plasma marine. Most of the map is atmosphere, and you'll fight him at the end.

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Thanks a lot for clarifying. I was mistaken in that I'm trying to make it through FIFTEEN, not 16. I didn't notice anything else that seemed off yet, so I guess I just jumped the gun. If only I'd cleared one more map, I would've answered my own question and been in for quite the surprise.

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