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Cursed Realms - Path Over The Abyss (Update 2)

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Game: Doom 2
Port: GZDoom
Slot: MAP01




When I decided to take part I originally had the idea to make a map in a techno-style. It was to be a series of hexagonal arenas in which the player is locked to a sudden horde of monsters. During the concept has changed almost every day because of the lack of a plan.


In this work, I decided to use custom textures. Long did not choose. I just hand appeared Community Chest 4. For the first time worked with him a lot of time spent experimenting with texturing. The result was what happened. Looks, I think it is quite normal.


Because of the rush, some moments were not implemented. For example for the final door it was still to be a hall with columns and teleport protected by cyberdemon. Also at no one secret area. I just did not have time. Despite the considerable amount of time spent on a tasting several significant bugs I managed to miss.




Update 2 fixes:

  • Fixed repeated rise of the catacombs floor in the northern part of the map.
  • Fixed reactivation of columns. Transparent flying platform, on which the player can get into previously inaccessible areas fly out through the ceiling, making it impossible to pass.
  • Trigger is responsible for the player's immediate death did not work in some places. This was done on the last day in a hurry and realised by incredible stupid way. It required only one short line in the script ... Now the deadly death triggered for any fall into the abyss.




Cursed_Realms_Path_Over_The_Abyss_02.jpg  Cursed_Realms_Path_Over_The_Abyss_02.jpg  Cursed_Realms_Path_Over_The_Abyss_03.jpg  Cursed_Realms_Path_Over_The_Abyss_04.jpg


Cursed_Realms_Path_Over_The_Abyss_05.jpg  Cursed_Realms_Path_Over_The_Abyss_06.jpg  Cursed_Realms_Path_Over_The_Abyss_07.jpg  Cursed_Realms_Path_Over_The_Abyss_08.jpg




Doom_Font_Green_Arrow.png  [ MediaFire ] 0.8 MB, RAR-archive

Doom_Font_Green_Arrow.png  [ IDGames ] 0.8 MB, ZIP-archive


Doom_Font_Green_Arrow.png  Stream record (time - 50:09)

Edited by StormCatcher.77

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This was a really cool looking map from Joel's stream! It's a shame it was borked when he played it. I'll be sure to check this out when I get a chance :)

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This is very sexy looking stuff. I will check this out as soon as I can, which alas might be a little while since I'm swamped. But I MUST play this.

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