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Richo Rosai

Loving the classic maps

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They're questionably balanced and glitchy as hell, but when I play them I get the same feeling I got back when I was first playing Doom keyboard only slash on SNES.

Halls of the Damned is ridiculous on UV for example, but having to be careful with items and ammo, knowing each fuck-up could be the last, retreating from the pink demons and luring them somewhere they can be hopefully be dealt with--it recreates that oppressive atmosphere that made Doom so memorable to me. The combination of nostalgia and adrenaline make a nice warm bath for my brain.

Makes me want to fire up my old personalized advanced difficulty dehacked patch and replay the original with 3D Vision. I think I will do that actually...

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I had similar experiences with them, which is why I was more willing to forgive the poor balancing.

Playing those maps forced me to seriously reconsider my tactics in a way the Campaign didn't pull off and it made it a somewhat different experience.

I still prefer the campaign over the classic maps of course (prettier to look at, better combat balance etc.), but appreciate that the Classic Maps don't feel like a repeat of the Campaign with classic textures.

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