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How do I add new textures?

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I did everything correctly with what was being said at the Doomwiki page but I'm still having a problem, when I try to start up the game with the Pwad it immediatly crashes with this message in PRboom+ in every map (I'm not even doing anything with SKY3):

R_TextureNumForName: SKY3 not found

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I've had the same problem not a long time ago. The solution is that you must include all iwad textures in your pwad on the top of the ones you want to add.

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It's a simple procedure, here's how.


Any map editor that supports custom texturing (GZDoom Builder for example)

So what you wanna do is go into SLADE3, open up any map file (.wad), create two new lumps. The first one called P_START (mostly for wall textures) or F_START (mostly for flat textures). I don't think it matters honestly, but someone might be able to educate me on the difference someday.

Anyways, next you click P_START/F_START and look for the "import files" button. Find the texture image (any image format but PNG is recommended) and place it between P_START/F-START and P_END/F_END. The idea texture scales are 64x64, 64x128, and 128x128. You can use whatever you want though, depends on how big you want the texture.

Now, you wanna highlight all the texture files (not sprites but wall/floor/ceiling textures) and right click, then mouse over the graphic pop out, and click "add to TEXTUREx". You can either import from the base archive (Doom II, Plutonia, etc.) OR you can create a new empty base, which it'll be easier to navigate YOUR textures and manage them. I recommend the latter.

So now, you've done that I assume, so delete the dummy texture created, and remove it from the patch table AND the TEXTUREx lump.

After that, you've finished. You can now use that texture in your map.
Any questions?

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Here's a simpler one:

Requirements: Deutex (Yes Deutex)

Use Dosbox to mount to the folder containing Deutex. Make sure doom2.wad is present. Run the following command:

deutex -get texture1 doom2.wad

This will extract TEXTURE1 from doom2.wad as a text file. rename this file to texture.txt
Next, take the WAD with the new textures, say its called newtex.wad. Run this command:

deutex -xtract newtex.wad newtex.txt

This will extract the TEXTURE1 lump in newtex.wad and all the new textures, in seperate folders. It will also produce a configuration file for newtex.wad (you'll need this later).

Now go into the file and copy everything. Open up doom2's extracted texture1, texture.txt. Paste the new contents at the bottom.

Delete newtex.wad's texture1.txt. Now rename the edited doom2.wad's texture1 text file into texture1.txt.
Now go back to Dosbox and run this command:

deutex -make newtex.txt newtex2.wad

This will produce a new wad file containing the fixed TEXTURE1 lump.

But you've got Slade, a GUI lump manager, so its your choice.

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