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The Cacodemon Arena - The Highest Flying Combat You'll Ever Experience in SnapMap

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I raised the floor level in Charon's Keep and made a bunch of custom architecture and super strong launch pads. Chainsaw and rocket launcher against endless waves of cacodemons. It's a very simple map but it's a lot of fun flying up and down as you glory kill cacodemons. Up to four players.


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Ok this was way cooler then I expected!

While its a bit of a niche map and only fun for a little while i found it to be really well done. It was surprisingly fun for what it was and I absolutely love how you created the playing area. I did not recognize the module you used at all when I played your level and had to download it and check it out to see what you did. Very creative!

I feel you put a lot of care in the map even though its small and simple of concept. I enjoyed it and gave you an upvote. Thanks for making it and sharing it!

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