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ARetardedPickle said:

I want to know if there is a way to prevent imp/mancubi/ect from firing their balls out of the cage?


If you want to keep them from attacking through the cage, though, I don't think you can without also preventing the player from being able to shoot them through it.

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Use bars that are not too far apart. That way, the projectiles fail to leave the cage and you can still shoot at the monsters (although you'll be limited to hitscan weapons)

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Do you want the player to be able to shoot inside too?

If not, you could use some self-referencing sector trickery to build an invisible wall in front of the cage. The semi-transparent texture won't stop the projectiles, but the sector would.

Alternatively, the easiest thing to do might be just to physically build vertical cage slats using sectors. Give them a metal texture and they'll look fine.

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