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Slight choppyness in GZDoom

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Hi All,

I just upgraded my main machine from GZDoom 1.8.x to 2.2.0 I simply extracted the new version in the same directory overwriting the files that where already there.

Anyway it seems to work mostly either from DoomLauncher, from my own custom doom manager, or just by running GZDoom.

However it does seem somewhat choppier in places, seems to expecially be when turning in an area you have not visited before. I did play with some of the GL settings which does seem to have improved things a little.

Does anyone have any tips for smoothing things out again?

My machine is an AMD FX-8370, 8G RAM, Win 7 64 bit, NVidia GeForce 970 GTX, so should be capable of running this.......



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This sounds like texture precaching is off. Especially when some texture resizing options are enabled this can lead to the described effect.

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You can delete your ini and start over, enabling things as you go. You probably messed too much with the options clusterfuck.

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