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Naked Snake

New Monsters in my guns PC

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Some monsters will be enhanced in my guns PC

Nightmare Imps
Attacks:Toss two fireballs at you.
Info:They are the new breed of Imps.

Death Commandos
Attacks:Shoot you with their twin chainguns.
Info:They are the new commando zombies that carry two chainguns.

Attacks:Fly at you and bite you.
Info:Look like lost souls but they have black fire and are more deadly.

Attack:Shoot you with pistols.
Info:They don't have to stop to attack you now.

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You know, I look at all this info about the new mod having about twice as many weapons as Doom has plus each weapon having two functions, and now you're saying that there's going to be new monsters as well.
I can't help but ask exactly how is all of this going to be accomplished? If this works out, this could be one of the best (not to mention one of the most complex) mods ever created.

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Sorry, we already used Nightmare Imps in Millennium. They're black, hide in dark places, 3 times as tough as regular imps, and spawn 3 ghosts of themselves, which can only be killed by killing the master. And yes, they're already programmed. Beat that.

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You're not th eonly guy with a miti-weapons mod, i have "DeathTC", a friend of mine has "Doom:Relapse", and then there is the popular "Immoral Conduct" (and some other mods that add weapons into a game).

My DeathTC mod for edge acts alot like the matrix. Your enemies fight fast, and you fight fast or you die very quickly!

Just for kicks I included the shambler in my mod and he's not as wussy as he was in quake - it is harder to dodge his ball-lightning here than it is to dodge bfg blasts in normal doom DM, and his claws do enormous damage (esp. the leap and jump attack - yes, i got him to attack like the quake fiend does, and it does upwards of 200 damage if you're hit).

Belive it or not, there is a pretty nice story behind it, but it sounds remarkably like doom's because it has to - since none of the levels have been changed (well, my RTS's do add items into levels that aren't present in doom, such as extra weapons).

DeathTC modifications:
*Infantry are more effecive and tougher attackers.

*Imps are far more dangerous than they were before - like a really weak cyberdemon.

*Totally new characters - UAC commando and UAC commandant (new mapnumber and everything), Uac commando can shoot a machinegun, blaster gun, and heavy plasma cannon. Commandant shoots double shotgun and heavy plasma cannon.

*Baron of hell has been replaced by dimensional shambler.

*Hell knight has been replacecd by a mega imp (translucent and green, does more damage than the imps do and has about 10x the health too).

*Cyberdemon replaced by a fallen angel (black archvile with mega powers).

*Pain Elementals are more dangerous (special attack).

*Cacodemons's fireballs are more dangerous.

*Revenant fires two missiles, totalling less power than they had before.

*All weapons have been modified, Pistol shoots faster and can shoot a 3-shot burst (takes time to recover though).
*Berserk (and conversly, fist) does alot less damage.
(#2)Mp5k (shoots in 5-shot bursts, enemy's shoots in 3-shot bursts though)
(#3) *Shotgun fires quickly, does less damage than doom's, and has the ability to fire shotgun fragmentation grenades.
(#3) *Double-Barreled shotgun is now belt-fed rather than break-down.
(#4) *Rifle (does more damage than the pistol, and has pretty good accuracy, has to reload after 20 shots).
(#4) *Chaingun shoots 20 shot bursts (very, very quickly, but with spinup/spindown), or a slower 3-shot burst continious fire.
(#5) *Railgun (does lots of damage in a narrow path, can affect multiple targets at once).
(#5) *Pin-Weapon (a high-velocity chaingun shooting bullets the size of the pin on your headphones, 2100 rounds/minute)
(#5) *Cannon (a crude recoilless rifle, single-shot only but does decent damage, not too accurate).
(#6) *Explosives Launcher (Rocket launcher and grenade launcher combined, grenades do more damage but rockets can fly straight).
(#7) *Particle Blaster (fires energy pulses, can fire a large devistating energy pulse as a secondary attack... takes time to charge up).
(#7) *Assault Particle Rifle (similar to doom's plasma rifle, best used against imps).
(#8) *Plasma Rifle (not like doom's, fires very powerful balls of plasma with power rivaling that of the doom RL, can fire single powerful blasts or less-powerful blasts on semi-automatic fire... single shot works good for sniping).
(#8) *Heavy Plasma Cannon (similar to doom's BFG, primary fire shoots out an expanding plasma wave, secondary fire shoots out a very powerful singular plasma blast with a small "spray" effect).

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Well said my friend Sirgalahandwizar,
doom relapse will feature quite a few weapons, mainly all with secondary attacks, tons of monsters, levels w/ special events, and new effects, so like the DeathTC of Sirgalahandwirar's, this TC is gonna rule all your asses
relapse.doomcenter.com <--- the main site

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