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Made a WAD

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Made a small MAP01. features cool music and neat WOOD7 gfx.

The only updated links:
Moddb: http://www.moddb.com/groups/doomdb/addons/presitont
Variety of links as well (old version):

All hate is welcomed, also FDA-s, it takes like a few minutes.

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I know you said you posted a screenshot in the link, and I don't mean to sound ignorant, but I personally think it would be nice if you'd post some more screenshots here...

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Played the map on prboom, chocorenderlimits (something near the original doom2.exe vanilla) and got bugs on the new graphics... also on the later port it gives a problem at the secret STONE3 door it crashes all the map...

Works fine on zdoom and derivates, here's a FDA:

It's a nice map, i don't get the blue door at the start (it could be changed in a YK room) and the lift with the shotgunner at the southern section...

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All I want to know is why would you waste the time making something so awful?

I noticed that in you're 1 screenshot provided in your dropbox link you specifically left out the pictures of whoever it is you have plastered all over the map.

Absolutely terrible and not even fun to play. And in case you are wondering its not just the pictures that make this bad, its the whole map in general.... Sorry if this is harsh, but its true.

Better luck next time I guess?

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Thank you for the FDA walter. This helped me greatly to improve the map. It would be interesting to see your playthrough of it now if you feel like it, also if you need someone to test your map shoot me a PM and i'll be on it ASAP, thank you very much. The blue door is kind of pointless yea, but it's not really making any difference. The lift can be thought of as 4 shotgun shells + ammo pack if you jump on the box with former human, the ammo is scarce in the map so everything counts.

Here's the updated version https://www.dropbox.com/s/e6vyo60qgcpqf78/tont.zip?dl=0
I also added the link to OP, the rest of the links cannot be updated.

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