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WIP Khorus music

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It's been some years since I've had any music on here and I feel like sharing some things that I've been working on. It's electronic music with a melancholic feel, with inspiration from different bits and pieces. Quite a few strings. My DAW is Reason 7.1.1 and my Roland V-Synth GT features quite a lot (all of Get Outside except percussion for example) as well as a DSI Mopho. The tracks are intended as a soundtrack for a project I've been working on.

These are quite WIP still, so the mix is a bit rough and need more composing work.

Pressure Drawl - 4:17

The Delve - 1:45

D# Harp (obviously not a real name) - 1:28 strings a bit rough at points

This last track is a cover of a Project Pitchfork demo from the late 80s that I made in 2013. I never got around to doing the vocals.

Get Outside - 4:24

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