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Jaxxoon R

Doom with MIDI-Converted Sound Effects

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Surely this is an objective improvement to the soundscape, like someone wired the brain of Beethoven himself to a 386. Every sound has been carefully run through one of those infamously shitty online mp3-to-midi converters, recorded, and then converted back to Doom format. It's like that weird Vanilla Doom hack that plays the PC speaker sound effects as piano midis, only now you can use it anywhere and anytime at all, from Chocolate to Z.


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LOL the chainsaw was funny. Didn't really play much, but its interesting to say the least.

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Heh. This reminds me that DMX actually supported MIDI sound effects. So theoretically you could run this in vanilla Doom with the actual MIDI data.

Glaice said:

Why is DSBOSSIT 3.7 MB?

Because it has John Cena's "The Time is Now" as a badly converted midi in it. Jaxxoon must be a Joel fan. :D

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I'm frankly shocked at how close some of these sound to the actual original sounds from a distance, like, if you don't listen too closely and a zombieman dies a few hundred units away it almost sounds authentic

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