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What is the best SC-55 soundfont?

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Here is the last known release I uploaded to Mediafire:

If you want the most accuracy, there is Sound Canvas VA but it is incredibly expensive:

(Seriously, $125? You could get an actual SC-55 module for that much.)

Also the string and choir presets suck dick and it uses the SC-88 crash cymbals,
though the SC-55 map is for the most part faithful to the original.

I actually haven't updated my soundfont in a long time, I should get back to work on it.

I wish MUNT had Sound Canvas support, but we all know the legal trouble that thing went through in the first place.

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While it's not for SC-55 specifically, I did find a high-quality soundfont that is meant to represent the SCC-1.  I have no idea where I got it or who made this, but it sounds just as accurate to the SCC-1 as Patch93's soundfont is to the SC-55.  One difference I hear between a real SCC-1 and the soundfont however, is that some of the sounds (namely the cymbals) take too long to fade out completely.  Still, the SCC-1 is basically a cost-cut SC-55mkII anyways.


http://www.mediafire.com/file/ing2ddctd1h4bqy/Scc1t2.zip - I re-uploaded it to mediafire incase anyone wants to check it out.

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