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Doom2d by Prikol Software

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That's the thing... Anyone heard about it?
Well the thing is that has anyone fixed the "fatal error" bug in it?
It just isn't funny and i haven't found a working fix for it.


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Well... It has a "fatal error" and the result of that error is that your energy and armor will drop to 0% and it throw you out of the game.

The thing is that the game will work fine for a time but in some point the fatal error comes and then the game works for a minute or two and then the fatal error strikes again. I don't know where the problem is because i'm not a coder and i don't have the source code.

I found some fix for the error but it didn't work. :(

Is there anyone in the whole fucking world who could help me?

Thanks again.

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As a temporary fix, reinstall the files from whatever original zip file or back up you have of it.

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