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Gates of Hades - TXUE385N

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I just finished playing through "Gates of Hades" by Void Runner. ID: TXUE385N

This is, by far, the best snapmap i've come across. All PBV's and hell props only but thats not all. It actually plays really, really well. And its pretty, the attention to detail is insane. Saw some assets used in completely new ways. Its balanced well and the finale is fan-tas-tic. After so many maps almost nailing it but not quite, either being silly hard or completely easy, this one knocks it right out of the ball park.

I also have not run into a map that deserves the title old school more then this one. You will fight -a lot- of enemies. According to the author comments over 250. But the fights scale up beautifully and keep you on your toes. All the encounters feel custom crafted which is what makes them fun.

All I can say is give this map a playthrough. Its standing at 27 plays right now which is a damn shame. Also the author has many other maps but I haven't checked all of them out yet. If this map is anything to go by they should be great. :)

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Nice map.
Good use of the props.
Good progression
Well balanced, stiff action.
Every PowerUp is needed.
I enjoyed playing this one.


PS:Half way through the map i had a blast from the past:
I used to play Monster Manor on that 3DO Console. Man i loved that game.

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