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Can new sites be hosted on Doomworld?

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Recently my "Top IDGAMES list" from my signature has become inaccessible because Dropbox changed its policy not to host HTML webpages. When I talked about this on IRC, someone suggested me that maybe I ask if Doomworld.com can host some new resource site (such as "/printz" for me). Is Doomworld.com now fully owned by the Doomworld admins, or does it still have ties with the old hosts (e.g. like how AtomicGamer was -- some sites were in limbo, for example /eternity, because Quasar couldn't just ask the Doomworld guys for a password reset).

If I had a Doomworld site, I'd publish in it the following things:

- top /idgames popularity list [might depend on a database though; dunno how available is that]
- various Doom open-source projects (editors, tools, AutoDoom, Eternity custom stuff maybe)
- pages for any wads I might release (with links to /idgames).

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I know it may not be the most appealing but I'd be happy to host some stuff on my hosting package if you purchase a domain name. I'd prefer it if you had a different solution but I'll throw it out there as a possible option.

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Bloodshedder said:

Or use Updog?

Heh. I'm honestly shocked that's a legit hosting site, and not a rickroll-like twist on the age old "what's updog?".

I'm actually (kind of) disappointed in the missed opportunity.

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