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PropHunt Experiment - SnapMap ?.

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Been working on this for like 5 Hours, hard to deal with all the logic chains but anyways, Here's a PropHunt map on SnapCrap !, Strictly requires 4 Players currently, Will change this soon in the future (once i figure out how :p) and will add more rooms and spread the current props in it, As you can see below some props aren't functional yet because it's not that easy to resize and make every Box trigger functional .


Basically the Hunter will be locked in a Room for 120 Seconds, and Props have to decide which prop they want to be, and will be teleported to a room filled with barrels and a camera monitoring the props room will be enabled for them once they choose .

Everything else should be clear and explained inside .

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Update : Props will now damage the hunter 10 if he misses, 10 Points heal if a prop is killed, And added a check so if Hunter leaves, The round will end on Draw .

I Have also added scores (If hunter is killed, Props receive points, and if a prop is killed, Hunter will receive points) .

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