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Sourceport Specific Wads

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So I was wondering to myself earlier when I came across a map that said it was for Zandronum only. I was sort of confused because most of the maps I have downloaded and played, have worked fine on multiple sourceports that I play. (GZDoom, Zandronum, Skulltag, & 3DGE)

I was wondering if anyone could provide a list of any other sort of maps or megawads that are source port specific such as this one.


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Here I'm just wondering how you managed to avoid every single conversation that involved compatibility in any shape or form for so long. It's kind of awe-inspiring, actually.

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I'm not looking for mods, or TC's.... I'm talking about single maps or megawads that require a specific sourceport like the map I posted on the OP.

Did you really have to go with the snarky attitude as well? How was I deserving of that?

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They are source port specific because although many things are fairly standardized across ports, port authors are all individuals who organize and do things their own way and thus things don't always wind up the same from one port to the next, especially if they have been in development for a while... and still are. Even similar ports like (G)zDoom and Zand have forked on certain things, mostly due to Zand's focus on MP in addition to SP, while (G)zDoom's focus is SP. While Zand's base code might be based off of the zDoom family, since its conception its authors have fulfilled different goals and requests, thus the two ports can have wads built specifically for them, which have the unfortunate side-effect of also not working in any other port. I should note real quick that though (G)zDoom and Zand were used as examples here, this is an occurance with most every port and really falls under the province of the wad author more-so than the port author.

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There are hundreds of port-specific wads.

Also there's port-specific and port-specific. Take Enjay's Gene-Tech, it's not going to work well outside of GZDoom. Maybe a future version of Zandronum, but it's not for multiplayer at all, so there's not much point in using Zanders for it.

On the other hand, ZDCMP2 is specifically for ZDoom, but it'll work just as well in GZDoom. Port-specific?

And then you have stuff that are made specifically for Boom, and they'll also work in MBF, ZDoom, Risen3D, Eternity, PrBoom+, etc. Port-specific?

Braham Manor is made for Vavoom; however it'll work just fine in GZDoom. High-Tech Hell 2 is made for Legacy, but it'll also work just fine in GZDoom. Port-specific still?

DSV4 has a Legacy version and an Eternity version. Port specific? The Eternity version doesn't run on Eternity anymore, since FraggleScript was removed years and years ago. Now you'd have a greater chance of running the Eternity version successfully on ZDoom! What's the port-specificity here?

Caverns of Darkness is shipped with its own executable because it works on nothing else. But there are patches to make it run with ZDoom or Eternity. Port-specificity is what exactly?

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