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Multiple death messages per enemy/world death?

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Is it possible to do this, such as have multiple death messages (IE Quake's liquid deaths) ?

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I've been trying to do this as well, and, unless someone can prove me wrong, I don't think it's possible...

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Multiple death messages per enemy could be "faked" either by making multiple enemy classes with identical behavior (and same species property and/or inheriting from each other, to prevent unwanted infighting) but have a different death message each + having one central class that randomly picks one of the other classes to be spawned in its place upon start of the map, or similarly by making the enemy have multiple (randomly selected) projectile attacks that fire different projectile types that have distinct death messages but otherwise behave identically.

Multiple death messages per one damaging floor would be even more complicated, requiring to implement the floor's damaging effect via repeatedly calling SectorDamage via ACS with a randomly selected custom damage type each time the function was called. EDIT: Nevermind, looks like custom damage types cannot be assigned custom default death message strings, for some odd reason. Maybe you'd have luck with using LANGUAGE to redefine death messages of several of the standard damage types and using SectorDamage with these damage types instead of custom ones. Hacky, but it might work.

ZDoom's LANGUAGE really should be updated to support a "random" function to pick one text string out of multiple ones. And DECORATE be updated to support custom default death messages for custom damage types, too.

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