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Need Help with Texture Editing...

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Can anyone help me with a problem i am dealing with...

so. im making a megawad but i started to get old of the same old doom 2 textures so
i decided to download some texture wads from realm667.
and i need help because when i dragged all the files from the texture wads into my wad. some dont work and others are very Glichy on doom builder(look like scrambled colours and corrupted)there are also a lot of textures that apeer as 0x0 and as a'X'(as in missing texute[but there in the wad])

please tell me what i did wrong! and how i can fix it...

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StewedDafodil6 said:

wait i want multiple wads do they all have to be under the same PP_START/FF_START

Generally, yes.

For organizational purposes, you can use more marker lumps. They'll be ignored by the engine but they can help you keep track of what comes from where. Look at how the Doom IWADs have P1_START/P1/END, P2_START/P2_END, P3_START/P3_END, F1_START/F1_END, F2_START/F2_END, and F3_START/F3_END. They separate the patches and flats into episodes. It's completely useless as far as the game itself is concerned but it helped organize the IWADs a bit, so if you want organization you can do the same thing.

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