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Cacodemon death fall on monsters under him ?

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Hello guys, on Zdoom 2.8.1 I notice when cacodemon fall on death if there is another monster under him, his death state stay over that monster. There is a way to prevent that or prevent monster to walk under floating monsters ?

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Enable infinitely tall collision in the compatibility options and cacodemons will never be above another monster.

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If you want the Cacodemon's corpse to pass through monsters below it to fall onto the ground, use the following function at the beginning of the Cacodemon's death state:


And also use the following one at the very end of his death state (possibly with some additional delay), so that he'll behave alright in case he gets resurrected:


40oz said:

You don't like cacohats?

I agree - I personally see nothing wrong with Cacodemon corpses being blocked by monsters below them that they fall onto.

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I see,

there is a flag I can add when caco die so his body just pass trought everything except floor ? :)

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