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WADs like Kama Sutra and Going Down, etc?

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Looking for WADs with wacky gameplay, visuals and layouts just like those two.

-Kama Sutra
-Kama Sutra 2 (WIP)
-Ancient Aliens
-Nocturne In Yellow (Later moments)
-Going Down
-Adventures of Square (WIP)
-Doom 2 In Name Only
-Scythe series
-Pcorf community project series.
-Zone 300
-Lost maps
-License to Ilya
-1994 tune-up
-Struggle (WIP)

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@esselfortium Good one, hadn't thought on that

Good old Void.wad

There's also Mandrill Ass Project, because honestly, how many Doom levels have a level based around surfing? The last levels are also something.

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