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Accuracy and hitscan offsets?

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So is there a way to code this:

If you run the attack will not spawn where you aim but from a random location depending on set offset, aka player accuracy is worse if you run and/or how fast you run. (and the set spread you have on your decorate gun stays the same inside this offset)

I have seen that some things can be done in ACS but I need some guidence to do this.

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Thats some clue atleast, but I dont find sulotions without using ACS.
is there are DECORATE variable that identifies player current movement speed?

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velx, vely, velz represent the player's velocity on all three axes. Don't forget they can be positive or negative depending on the direction. If you want the combined speed, remember Pythagoras: sqrt(velx*velx + vely*vely + velz * velz) is the player speed. For just horizontal speed, you can use sqrt(velx*velx + vely*vely), and for just vertical speed you can use simply abs(velz).

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Great! that is what I have been looking for!
Now I shall figure out how to do something more advanced

RIFG A 0 A_FireBullets 0, 0, 9, 5, "BlankPuff", 0)
    RIFG A 4 A_FireBullets 0, 0, 1, 5, "BulletPuff", 1)
make the offset never spread the bullets like a shotgun would, but keep all of them hitting the same spot while the offset is active.

One way to do this would be using
A_FireBullets (angle spread_horz, angle spread_vert, int numbullets, int damage [, string pufftype [, int flags [, float range [, string missile [, float spawnheight [, float spawnofs_xy]]]]]]) (development version 3c7e1e0 only)

tho I dont use that version I imagine that something could be done. Any one knows solutions to this?

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