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Doom 2 Wad Question

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Hello, hope this is in the right place.

Is there a wad out there for Doom 2 that adds both the Master Levels, No Rest For The Living and the Xbox levels like Betray into one Wad, so you could select them and play them from the menu? More or less a Doom 2: Complete Edition.

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Recently I merged all the Master Levels in one WAD.

But its illegal to ask for such WADs. Better to make them yourself.

Also recently, a person merged Doom 1, Doom 2, NRFTL, etc in one WAD also. You can find it in these forums.

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You cannot download a wad with all the levels inside, but there is the program Voros wrote about which takes all the wad and put it in one single package, but you need to have the original files.

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