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Shitty Weapons Crafting Mod (v0.1)

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After months of inactivity, I decided to finally do something new for the Doom community.

I have been training a lot my skills.

The result is still crappy and buggy :(

But at least I went far, in untraveled territory: making crafting weapons in ZDoom... possible.

So the mod is... here! But who doesn't likes some few fashion screenshots?

After all, a gun's fashion makes it way easier (and powerfully-feeling) to use for some quantic reason, as appointed by 99% of the results in this new research by UAC Gun Tech Division!

(but I don't sprite as good, though you can replace sprites, and, with ACS knowledge, edit each part's data, and even append more! The source code is in the WAD file, so you can add more parts, after incrementing to the const var "numParts" in line 3 of the only ACS lump (WPMIXER), of course. :P)

But now fashion time.



The Arena of Three Quakes

The Portable Trump Wall 2000 oh 16!

There are many more possibilities, but few parts. So I'm only showcasing a few ones :)

And funny!

And crappy!

And the last two screenshots depict a pistol because it is selected and at the same time the Crafted Gun Preview is on. :/

  • KP7 and KP9: change the type of the part to be added
  • KP4, KP6, KP8 and KP2: move the part to be added
  • KP5: apply the part to be added
  • KP3 and KP*: show the part to be added and the parts already added, respectively
  • KP-: delete all parts added
  • KP+: delete last part added
  • KP/: use your newly crafted gun! :D
PS: Please, I'm sorry if I offended anyone or made anything against the rules, because I only meant to share this new funny thing; not really a serious a modification currently (but might become a masterpiece soon!)...

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