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How does my WAD look so far?

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I'm working on a Doom E1 replacement set on a space station. Yada yada yada. Anyways, here's what I have done of Map 1 so far.


How does the layout and stuff look so far? Basically your goal in the level is to raise the bridge via two switches located in two separate 'branches' in the level. Only branch I have work done on is the one on the right.

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I would recommend incorporating some larger areas for contrast; every area I saw in the video looked very cramped and tight. Crampedness can be utilized well for certain things, but making an entire map out of small hallways really limits the potential interesting gameplay scenarios and layout connections you can make. I realize that space stations are pretty small in real life and that this might be the reason why, but even if you become extremely proficient at making maps based around very small areas, you'd still be limiting your options pretty severely.

Since you're using Doom E1 as a comparison, it might be worth taking a look at how some of those maps weave large and small areas together to combine into more complex scenes (and also how those different types of areas can be used to create ups and downs in gameplay pacing).

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I'll have the branch on the right lead into a big nukage processing room with the switch needed to open the door to the bridge raising switch on a ledge. The second branch I'll have a few big rooms dedicated to processing waste.

I REALLY enjoy being able to do little details like this now that I have GZDoom Builder. This is all very neat. Loving the new powers this tool gives me.

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The blown out door needs to look a bit taller in my opinion. It doesn't feel as if it would fit.

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