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Alternatives to y-shearing?

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Someone mentioned that y-shearing was really
bad for whatever reason (I'm guessing distortion
is one) and all that stuff about using tangents
instead of degrees, causing problems with the
crosshair abd aiming with the mouse.
If I understand right, y-shearing basically
tranlates the viewpoint up and down instead of
actually rotating up or down. I have noticed
that distortion is very evident in ZDoom because
you can mlook farther up and down; squares
start to become parallelograms with smaller
angles, and you can see things morphing
in and out of the distorted shape if you
move left and right.

I am wondering simply, what alternatives to
y-shearing are there? The only one I know of is
GL up\down but since that would involve some
ridiculous code changes and basically an
overhaul of the entire engine (and don't
levels need to be broken down into polygons
and vis data for GL, which can be very slow?),
I think that's out of the question.

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that was me. i don't like y shearing, but there IS no alternative. what i was referring to was a way to make mouse aiming seem natural while still using y shearing, so even tho things would look distorted, aiming up and down would feel better. also don't take my posts too seriously, sometimes i can get very carried away on rants.

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